Spray tan

For an instant, beautiful and natural tan that lasts 5-10 days. Our beauticians use only the highest quality products to ensure you look your best for your special occasion. We can apply a 2 hour wash off or an 8 hour wash off spray tan using Techno Tan for the best results.


What preparation do I need to carry out for my spray tan?
You need to shower and exfoliate your whole body before your tan in order to remove any dead skin cells (this will help prolong your tan). If you shave or wax, this should also be done before 24 hours prior to your tan. Do not wear deodorants, make up or moisturiser on your tanning day as these can act as a barrier to the tanning solution.

How long does a spray tan last?
Your body constantly sheds dead skin cells. This is why natural sun tans fade over a few days. Spray tanning only affects the outer skin layer, so again, as your skin cells are naturally shed, the spray tan will fade. Your tan should last 5-10 days, however it will last longer if you look after your skin by using the correct type of body wash and moisturisers daily.

What should I wear for my spray tan?
You can wear as much or as little as you like. For men we would suggest dark swim trunks or boxer shorts. For women, a dark bikini or dark bra and knickers/g-string. However, you are perfectly welcome to have your tan topless or in disposable underwear and many people do.

Will I go orange or streaky with a spray tan?
No, absolutely not! Orangeness is the result of tanning pills, and older tanning agents. A professional spray tan with modern tanning agents avoids this, and streakiness is caused by improper application of home tanning creams and sprays – which is why you should always let a professional apply your tan.

What do I do after my spray tan?
Just wear loose clothing and do not shower for the specified time of your tan (2hr or 8hr, these are the developing times) as this can remove some of the tan before it has had a chance to develop.

When you do first shower, you may notice some brown staining in the water. Do not panic! This is just the excess bronzer washing off, revealing your tanned skin underneath.

Avoid soaking in the bath & hair removal as this encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells and will hasten the fading of your tan.

Avoid swimming pools as chlorine will hasten the tan fading.

Moisturise every day (preferably twice) in order to keep your skin and tan in tip top condition.