Julise Beauty Therapy can assist you with ear piercings and nose piercings, with your choice of sterilized earrings and after care product.


Does Piercing Hurt?
Not nearly as much as you might think! In fact, the actual piercing is so brief the worst part is the anticipation. Remember: the piercing process only lasts a split second, while the new addition to your body can be enjoyed as long as you like!

How long until my ear is healed?
As a general guideline for approximate healing for  the ear lobe  is 6 to 8 weeks

How long can I leave my jewellery out?
Within the first couple of weeks you will be able to remove and re-insert jewellery in under 30 minutes without the piercing closing over. If you’re still in the first few months of healing you might be able to make it an hour and if you have had your piercing longer than a year you’re looking at days, if not weeks.